For those who choose the train transfers, there are three accommodation options. Each depends on your preference.


20 separate compartments are available to those who’d like to rest while moving to the next stage. No need to move anywhere.


Only 19 compartments are available for those who prefer a bit more comfort. There is also a steward who will attend to your needs along the journey.


Of course we have not forgotten about maximum comfort as well. There is also accommodation available for those who prefer the most comfortable option in our partner hotels.


If you choose to add accommodation and half board catering to your basic starting package, your breakfasts and dinners are reserved in our partner hotels. There is a warm meal ready for all riders right after finishing each stage. Fresh fruit along with hot and cold beverages are naturally included. During each stage you can stop at a refreshment point. To top up your fuel and fluids, there will be pre-filled bidons with water or ion drinks as well as fruits and sweets. Each participant also gets an energy bar and one energy gel for each stage. There is also the option to buy snacks, coffee, tea and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the social carriages on the train.


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