There will be a special train arranged to pick you up at the Prague railway station. This train will transport you between all four stages of the race. After finishing the last stage, it will take you back to Prague. 


The train will consist of sleeping, dining, lounging and social wagons, where briefing for the next stage will be held, always during the evening transfer.

During the briefing session you will be familiarized with all points of interest, danger and important information on what awaits you the following day. You will also have the option to purchase alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including coffee and tea.

The arrival to the next station will always be in the evening hours and will be followed by a group dinner. If your accommodation is on the train, you will be returning to the railway station and board on the train, which will be staying there overnight on one of the sidings. More detailed information of the schedule of all transfers is available in the race program.

We will also be taking care of your bike during the race. There will be special railway cars intended for transporting bicycles. You will be able to pick your bike at the train after breakfast or at the depot at the location of the start, where you will also hand them over following each stage.