Masiv is taking a break in 2019

We are happy to see that the race, which is truly unique in the Czech Republic, has been part of our lives for two years. It has always been our goal to prepare the best race as possible so that we could be proud of it. We have fulfilled this objective and are still collecting positive feedback from you, riders from all parts of the world, which we greatly appreciate.

It is not easy to prepare a four-day event that is run at four different locations, which, in addition, are not easy to access, especially with full service for the racers including a unique transport by train. However, the growing demands result in increasingly higher financial demands for the event to maintain the same quality.  That is why we are pulling into train depot for the year 2019 in order to plan the next steps. We believe that we will meet again next year and manage to host the third edition of the Masiv race.

“The Masiv began with an ambition to build a race in the Czech Republic that would become famous all over the world for its spirit and character,” says Masiv MTB Stage Race Director Jan Dvořák adding that it was the famous Cape Epic, 4 Islands or the legendary BC Race that provided a source of inspiration.“ In Germany, a new issue of the prestigious BIKE magazine has appeared bringing an eight-page report underlining the two years of existence of the race. It has demonstrated that we have accomplished our aim: we’ve had a lot of exposure, and we’ve impressed. But at the same time, we realised that now it’s exactly the time to stop and take a long deep breath. Because it is no exaggeration to say that the Masiv is an adrenaline-infused ride.”

We have achieved what we had dreamt up: to hold an extraordinary race that would cross the border of our country. We have created a race that is attractive, original and has the potential to continue to grow. But the growth has resulted in challenges, and demands are ever increasing. And we know that in order to keep the Masiv’s standards high and deliver a friendly and interesting race, our future depends on a strong sponsor. We need time to negotiate and power so that the Masiv could hit the rails again while at the same time, remain the Masiv with its spirit as we know it.  For that very reason, we have opted to take a break in 2019 and plan new destinations.

Our thanks go to all of those who have taken part in and supported the Masiv – either in terms of media, finance or barter – or by taking part or being about to take part in the race. Thank you for helping us spread the word about the Masiv and for stirring the waters of the Czech MTB world along with us as well as for allowing us to build an unparalleled event. Without you, this would never have been possible. We know this very well and are thankful for every one of you. Stay with us and go on spreading the word about the Masiv experience!