Masiv 2018: That was hell of a ride!

“F**king good race,” says one Slovak participant.

“The best bike trial I have ever done. Definitely,” adds another one from Germany.

“This race deserves to be talked about across the whole world. It’s not just the awesome cycling but also the unique atmosphere on the train,” concludes a Danish rider.

Masiv 2018 is over. 220 kilometres in the saddle, 7,700 height metres in the legs. 4 amazing stages completed on the bike, 3 evenings and nights full of unrepeatable moments on the train. No less than 70 racing pairs from eight countries and last but not least, countless experiences.

One memorable moment from the train: once stage 2 was completed, a special train with 12 wagons set off in the direction of Karlovy Vary. However, in the middle of nowhere, in a place with no reception, smoke started coming out of the locomotive and the whole train stopped, everyone waiting for help. A mood killer? Not at all – Masiv’s staff opened the stock wagon and brought beer to keep everyone hydrated. Some of the riders who slept at the hotel caught a ride with an express train passing by to get to the trip destination.

Racing teams were discussing stages one by one. By far the most difficult one? Definitely stage 2 in Kadaň with almost no asphalt paths. Mostly, it was a roadless terrain full of amazing singles – and it all began with a ride up the ski slope to the Bouřňák peak. The most beautiful one? Probably stage 3 in Karlovy Vary. With views of the spa city and its starting point right in the city centre. The first stage was memorable as well though. The weather was amazing that day and after the stage was conquered, bikers jumped into the warm, clear water of lake Barbora. And the final one in Šumava? Refreshments with schnitzels and tarts as a final reward and also the final jump. There was simply a bit of everything.

Nevertheless, words can barely describe what we all experienced together during these four days. Look at the photo galleries or watch the video montages from individual stages to soak up the atmosphere of the race. For the next year, though, we recommend the following: Masiv is something you must experience first-hand!

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Big thanks to everyone who was there with us.