Masiv Ambassador: Jiří Ježek

Jiří, most of us know you as a road cyclist. How do you feel about mountain biking?

I own a mountain bike mostly for fun and trips with my wife or friends. I only race occasionally, few times a year. I am happy to be part of some of the most popular public races, but for me, it’s rather a social event where I meet my fans and support charity projects.

There are many MTB races in the Czech Republic, every weekend. Stage races are rather rare. Are you interested in them?

I think it’s a great opportunity to enjoy biking even more intensely, especially when racing in pairs and supporting each other. I like the idea very much, and I understand why such races abroad are becoming more popular. It must be a great experience and joining has crossed my mind of course.

Masiv, sleeping on a train, racing together with a partner – Have you ever tried something similar in your career?

I like the idea of transferring by train or even the possibility of sleeping on it. I think it makes Masiv unique and extraordinary. Trains give the feeling of tramp romance. In my opinion, with the selection of the trails of each stage, it’s a return to the roots of mountain biking.

Will you be joining us in the future?

Can’t promise anything, but I am very into the concept of the race.

We have decided to collect points via the EPP „Pomáhej pohybem“ app this year, to help and support the Leontinka Foundation in purchasing two tandem bicycles to be landed to handicapped people. Have you ever tried riding a tandem bike?

Tandems are part of Paralympic cycling, both on the track and on the road. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy biking for visually impaired people. I’ve got a lot of pals in the community, all around the world, so I had the chance to try it out a couple of times. It’s a great experience, especially on the track. Tandem pilots are mostly former top professionals able to do amazing things during the race.

Do you have the EPP app turned on while doing sports?

I am a very proud ambassador of the “EPP” app and happy to be a part of it from the very beginning. I am truly grateful for the idea coming true. I use the “EPP” app myself, and I am delighted that I am not alone. It’s a great way to help those, who really need it and I know from my experience, how important such help can be.