general questions

How can I register?
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First step is to register your team. You can do this by choosing "TEAM REGISTRATION". Pick a name for your team as well as a unique PIN code (5 characters minimum, numbers only, this will also serve as a code for payment). Then, use this PIN code to log-in your team in the second step of the registration process. You will also be asked to pay the entry fee once your team is registered.

The second step will be to fill in personal details of both team members. In this step, you can also choose additional services such as transfer or accommodation.

Do I have to deal with the transport of my bike?
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If you select one of our additional services - such as transfer and bike transport- you won't have to deal with bike transport. Our team of professionals will be looking after your bike throughout the entire race in a very exemplary manner.

Before boarding the train in Prague, as well as after every stage, you will simply hand your bike over to us, and we will always prepare it for you at the depot prior at the start of each day. Bikes will be loaded and unloaded by trained professionals, who are accustomed to handling bicycles.

Is the starting fee refundable?
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Unfortunately, it isn't. We can offer you the possibility of transferring your starting fee to another person, which is explained in the following question.

If me or my partner get sick, is there any possibility to transfer the registration to another person?
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Yes, there is, but no later than one week before the race. Send us your request and your original order to We will then delete your name from the starting list and send the registration code to the other racer.

What exactly does “team race” mean?
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It simply means, that you and your partner must ride the entire race together. Cross the finish line ideally together at each stage or no more than three minutes apart.

questions about the stages

Can I skip any of the stages?
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To successfully complete the race, every pair must ride all four stages, from start to finish. Skipping a stage is possible, but with an influence on your overall placement in the race.

Is it possible to participate a stage as a trial run?
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This option is currently not possible but we are ready to deal with such requests in the future.

Can I register at the race?
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Registration on the day of the race is not possible due to the concept of the race and the necessary preparations associated with it.

When and where do I pick my starting number up?
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Numbers and starting packs will be issued before boarding the train on the first day of the race. Those not traveling by train will receive their packs at the start of the stage at the first location.

What is the capacity of the race?
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The capacity is 400 participants, i.e. 200 pairs.

How will the racers be transported?
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If you are looking for an adventure and would like to experience the real MASIV - you will travel by train, which will always be waiting for you at assigned railway stations. After completing a stage, you won't have to worry about dealing with the transport to the next location.

How will bike maintenance and washing be provided?
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There will always be a place for bike maintenance and washing at the finish line at each stage. A team of professionals will also be present in case a bigger problem occurs. If so, you will only pay for the spare parts.

How will food be provided?
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Refreshment during the race and a hot meal after every race will be available for every racer. If selected, dinners and breakfasts will be provided at one of our partner hotels or directly on the train.