Masiv 2018

Šumava Showdown

≈55 km
≈2320 m


Šumava, national park, wilderness, forests, water, uphill and downhill.

Let’s prove our morality and use the rest or our energy for the final stage, which has heavy portion of height meters.

This time, Nýrsko is the host of the start and the finish line located at the local sport hall. A brief, sharp and rising terrain is leading us beneath Pajrek Castle, followed by a meadow and a rapid crossing of the dam of Nýrsko water reservoir. Prepare yourself for a sweeping forest adventure towards Prenet, where even light transfers will be increasing your heart rate. No worries, you will gain your strength back while going downhill until the footbridge across Zelenský stream. Another ride uphill, across the road and a railway crossing, which will lead you to the first well deserved refreshment station. We are in the so-called Úhlava valley, where you can enjoy the forest terrain, a viaduct passage until you get to Špičák Saddle, the most southern part of this stage. Continue your ride until you reach our second refreshment team at the place of pilgrimage in Křížov. Boost your energy for the climb leading up to Stateček with a “beaufitul” meadow and a few height meters. Here comes the reward, old forest paths that will take you to the tanks of Nýrsko. Last climb up the valley of stream Svinský ahead of us, all the way to Hraničáre. Almost at the finish line, ride around the castle ruins of Pajrek, which are followed by the last forest trail after which you finally complete the fourth stage of the 2nd Year of MASIV.

Time schedule

  • 08:00 Train departure from Klatovy
  • 10:00 Start of the Stage 4
  • 16:45 Expected time of the Stage 3 award ceremony
  • 18:10 Train departure from Nýrsko
  • 21:10 Expected arrival at Praha, Smíchov train station
  • TIME LIMIT 6,5 hours