Masiv vol.2

≈221 km
≈7728 m


Masiv vol.2

1.stage/ Ore Mountains Storm

Since time immemorial, ore containing copper, tin, silver, lead and iron has been mined in the dense forests of the Ore Mountains. Other raw materials found here include brown coal. The area’s complicated history and industry are dug into the face of the landscape. The route leads from the former Barbora brown-coal mine to Bouřňák, the second tallest mountain in the Teplice region. Even though this is the first stage, it will thoroughly test your physical condition. You will pass through the Cínovecká rašeliniště nature preserve, around the windfarm at Vrch tří pánů and onward to the local dominant feature, the Fláje water reservoir, which arose behind a unique pillared dam that is the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. On the 59-kilometre trail, be prepared for an invigorating 1,608-metre ascent. Be careful not to use up all of your strength in the first stage of the race!

2.stage/ Kadaň Royal Ride

The second stage leads past the city of Kadaň and the route will be truly royal. On the 65-kilometre trail with a 2,400-metre ascent, you will definitely need all of your available strength. You will pass through landscape whose highly visible dominant feature is Hasištejn Castle, which is one of the oldest castles in northwest Bohemia. The refurbished ruins of the castle served as an inn from the 18th to the 20th century. Another attraction is the wilderness in the area of the Kýšovice Waterfall and the luxurious panoramic view from the Poustevna observation tower. So that the dense forests make an impression on you, nothing easy awaits you in this part of the race!

3.stage/ Carlsbad Challenge

The third stage of the race will take us from perhaps the country’s most famous spa town and its southern vicinity. The third stage will start in the centre of the city of celebrated colonnades and pass by the Becher Villa. The hilly landscape around the city offers a 42-kilometre trail with a 1,400-metre ascent across the spa trails of Slavkov Forest with unique views of Karlovy Vary and its surroundings. Zoom past the Charles IV lookout tower, the Chapel of St. Linhart, the Jelení skok observation deck and the Diana viewing tower. Save your breath; you will need it on the trail!

4.stage/ Šumava Showdown

The final stage leading through the ancient Šumava forest will truly be the highlight of the entire stage race. 55 tough kilometres with a 2,320-metre ascent will be a real challenge for your physical and mental condition. In addition to the virgin landscape, peat bogs, streams and the rustling sea of trees, the trail will take you to the ruins of Pajrek Castle, past which a provincial trail once led to Bavaria, and you will pass through Hojsova stráž, a major winter and summer vacation spot. The coarse beauty of Šumava will remind everyone of why they entered the race. The winner will be decided here, in the pearl of Czech forests!

Race schedule

  • 11/9 PRAGUE
  • 17:00 – 20:00 Registration, briefing, bike handover and storage at Prague, Smíchov train station
  • Race Briefing (choose one of the terms below):
  • 17:30 – in Czech
  • 18:45 – in English
  • 20:00 – in Czech
  • 07:00 - Meeting time and train boarding at Praha, Smíchov train station
  • 08:00 - Train departure from Prague
  • 11:00 - Start of the Stage 1
  • 16:00 - Expected time of the Stage 1 award ceremony
  • 18:00 - Train departure from Oldřichov u Duchcova
  • 19:15 - Expected arrival at Chomutov - hotel transfer
  • 19:50 - Expected arrivat at Most
  • 08:00 - Train departure from Most
  • 08:20 - Hotel option racers pick up at Chomutov
  • 09:30 - Start of the Stage 2
  • 15:30 - Expected time of the Stage 2 award ceremony
  • 18:30 - Train departure to Carlsbad
  • 20:05 - Expected arrival at Carlsbad / Dalovice
  • 08:30 - Train departure from Dalovice to Carlsbad Horní nádraží station
  • 10:00 - Start of the Stage 3
  • 13:30 - Expected time of the Stage 3 award ceremony
  • 16:40 - Train departure from Carlsbad Horní nádraží station to Klatovy
  • 20:10 - Expected arrival at Klatovy
  • 08:30 - Train departure from Klatovy
  • 10:00 - Start of the Stage 4
  • 16:45 - Expected time of the Stage 3 award ceremony
  • 18:10 - Train departure from Nýrsko
  • 21:10 - Expected arrival at Praha, Smíchov train station