Masiv 2018

Kadaň Royal Ride

≈65 km
≈2400 m


Ore Mountains – Autocamp Prunéřov u Kadaně

This stage offers a real paddle in the Ore Mountains that will give you a truly unique experience.

Right after the start, you will gradually climb up the forest paths up to the peak of the Pavlovský špičák 695 m from which you will ride through the forest trail up to the village Hradiště. Don’t expect any rest. Since you are in the Ore Mountains, with hardly any plains, a new climb will lead you all the way to the wind turbines, where two forest trails will take you below Hasištejn Castle. Prepare yourself for a challenging stony downhill ride with the first water breeze along the way. There’s a courtyard of the castle ahead, which you will only ride through, so don’t expect enough time for a tour. Another downhill ride, on the road this time, with the first buffet of this track. Grab a snack and ride in a beautiful valley of the Prunéřovský stream, where you will also pass Kýšovický waterfall, which is followed by the longest asphalt ride from Celná village leading to the second buffet. A very valuable section of this track will follow right after, called PRESIDENT NUDA, where all the bikers get to learn about their cycling technique. At this stage, you are almost at the finish line, but you still have to overcome the so-called Motokroska. From then on, one more climb to the final trail, leading back to the camp where we will be waiting for you.

Time schedule

  • 08:00 Train departure from Most
  • 08:20 Hotel option racers pick up at Chomutov
  • 09:30 Start of the Stage 2
  • 15:30 Expected time of the Stage 2 award ceremony
  • 18:30 Train departure to Carlsbad
  • 20:05 Expected arrival at Carlsbad / Dalovice
  • TIME LIMIT 7,5 hours