Masiv 2018

Carlsbad challenge

≈42 km
≈1400 m


A sharp start is ahead of us at the pedestrian zone on T.G. Masaryk street, followed by a gradual asphalt drive around Becherov Villa and an approach into the terrain with a wide but still sleep driveway leading into Lesovna Diana, which you will pass two more times after crossing the two 14-kilometer tracks through the spa forests. A team with refreshments will be waiting in each circuit  (18 km and 32 km routes). After reaching the top a fast track will be leading around Linhard lake. 700 meters later, a single path leads up through the forest around Ovčí lake. Turn the pedals briefly to pass Liphard lake, from where you move to a grassy single, which will take you above St. Linhard parking lot, where the tracks are divided (third pass will be leading you in the finish line). Continue by reaching the highest point of track – Doubská hora – Alberg 610m above sea level. K. Čapek path will follow with a beautiful slope of downhill turns that will lead to a quieter peer-to-peer path, copying river Teplá in the valley. A new rise is ahead of us, until a beautiful view of Karel IV., Jižní vrch, where a short drive of adrenaline can be enjoyed. Crossing the footbridge above the cable car with a wider climbing path will lead us to the Rusalka cottage, after which a firm path will lead us to a more grassy ground to the tent with a buffet.

Now you are familiar with the main parts of the track, so we continue from the division of the tracks above St. Linhard, which is followed by a short descending, which will lead you on a wider path through a viaduct passage, where the woods will be last seen. KV arena and the Stage of Peace stadium will be leading you to the finish line.

This stage has the starting point and the finnish at a different location. Distance between start and finish is cca 2,5 km.

The length of the stage and its elevation is only indicative, the final form will be specified.

Time schedule

  • 08:30 Train departure from Dalovice to Carlsbad Horní nádraží station
  • 10:00 Start of the Stage 3
  • 13:30 Expected time of the Stage 3 award ceremony
  • 16:40 Train departure from Carlsbad Horní nádraží station to Klatovy
  • 20:10 Expected arrival at Klatovy
  • TIME LIMIT 4 hours