Entry fee and starting package

Basic entry fee - from 1. 7. 2017 5 000,- / pers.
Transfer + bike transfer 2 000,- / pers.
Accomodation in couchette carriage with a half board (capacity limited to 30 teams) – transfers not included 3 500,- / pers.
Accomodation in bed carriage with a half board (capacity limited to 20 teams) – transfers not included 4 000,- / pers.
Accomodation in hotel with a half board (capacity limited to 60 teams) – transfers not included 4 500,- / pers.


How to register?

  • First you need to register your team – choose “REGISTER TEAM”, for which you choose a name and also a unique PIN code (5 characters minimum, numbers only, serves as a code for payment). With this PIN code, you and your partner will log in your team in the second step of the registration process. After registering the team, please pay the entry fee – price for team is 10 000,- CZK
  • The second step is to fill in personal details about both team members. Here you choose additional services such as transfers and accommodation.

Team registration is valid only after paying the basic entry fee and both riders have registered in Step Two.

End of the registration is on 31st August. Hotel rooms booking is guaranteed until 15th August.